Friday, April 16, 2010

Where does the time go?

Life sure does speed by! My little Nase is going to be a year old in a little over a month! She has grown into a beautiful girl. She weighs in at 60lbs much for the 40-45 my vet predicted! She and Sierra are quite the squirrel chasing team, they love being outdoors. We have been spending most of our time in the backyard and Nase can't get enough. She has even staked her claim to one of the patio chairs! She goes out in the morning, hops up in "her" chair and watches the world wake up! It's so cute! Sierra has been on limited activity for the past few days. She has a bad shoulder and if she runs or plays too hard, it acts up. She was limping pretty badly, but with a few days R&R, she's all healed up. Good thing too, trying to keep those two from playing is quite a chore! Life is good!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Nase's first snow!!

Nase got to experience her first snow on Sunday, oh wow did she have fun!! I couldn't keep her in the house after the first romp. We went out at least five times to play....and that was just the times we went together. She went on her own and with Sierra a gazillion more! She is still enjoying it. Nose tunnels rock!! She is growing into a wonderful, intelligent and loyal girl. I am so happy she found me that day at the CCHS!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Nase is growing up way too fast!

I went on vacation for a week and came home to find my little baby had grown into a sleek, young lady!! She's almost as tall as Sierra now, but not in charge yet! They grow entirely too fast, where does the time go?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Nase's first camping trip!

We went camping two weekends ago, it was Nase's first trip. She was so good, like she had been doing it all her life! It didn't take her long to figure out where home was for the weekend, she knew her camper!! Sierra had to show her how to guard the campsite from raccoons and other varmints, she took that lesson seriously. She made herself right at home on the bed and just enjoyed herself to no end. The most amazing part was how calm she was. She was perfectly content to hang out on the outdoor rug chewing toys or watching other dogs and people in the campgrounds. I'm so happy she enjoys it as we camp alot every summer. We will be going this weekend and taking my horse along too......should be an interesting trip!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Sierra and her new sister Nase

On August 8th, 2009, I decided that it was time to add a new member to our family. It had been a year since my beloved Cheyanne had lost her battle with cancer, something just told me it was finally time. I knew I wanted to adopt a dog from my local shelter and watched their website daily. My concern was that my 11 year old GSD, who is very timid around other dogs, would feel pushed aside if I brought an adult dog into our home. She was always the follower when Cheyanne was alive. She is terribly afraid of other dogs now as every one she has met since Chey passed has attacked her. As much as I wanted to rescue and adult, I had to think about my sweet Sierra and how she would adapt to a new sister. I decided a puppy would be best, someone Sierra could boss around and be in charge of! I had my eye on a Lab mix, female that looked much like my angel Cheyanne. I went to the shelter to meet her and to my disappointment, she had already been adopted. The volunteer asked me if I had seen Lucille's pups on the puppy cam site. I had been watching them and even submitted name suggestions for of which was used.... "Sierra"! I decided to take a look. Only two were available, Tulip and Sierra. I walked to the cage and little Tulip looked at me and as I spoke softly to her, I swear she grinned at me! She watched me so intently and had such a happy look on her face. Even when other people came to the cage to talk to her, she never took her eyes off of me. As the volunteer was double checking on her availability, another volunteer took both pups out of the cage and to the front for another couple to visit with....I thought I had lost out again. They encouraged me to call back the next day and I did. To my amazement, the application had fallen through! I immediately went to the shelter to meet her, spent about an hour with her and fell in love right there! I swear she felt the same way and that she remembered my voice from the day before. I filled out the application and set a time for Sierra to come and meet her the next day. Sierra was horrified! She wanted nothing to do with this little black ball of fur! The adoption counselors were satisfied that I have had enough experience with dogs that I would be able to help Sierra overcome her fear of the puppy. I picked her up the next day and took her home! It was not love at first sight for Sierra. She ran from the puppy, she hid from her and looked at me like I was crazy. I really hoped with time that they would come to be friends. Now, the name Tulip is OK....however it did not fit my rambunctious little girl! I had been thinking for months about a name that would somehow honor my angel Cheyanne. I searched the Internet for ideas. I started with Native American tribes, that led to Cheyenne names, which finally led to the Cheyenne language. I managed to locate a translator dictionary and tried angel, it was about a yard long and no way to shorten I tried sister. There was a translation for "younger sister", perfect! It was Nasemaha (pronounced Nah-say-ma)....oh, I loved it! It is a mouthful, so we call her Nase (Nah-say).....a fitting name for my baby! It took Sierra about a week to find her voice and tell the little black furball to back off, and when she did it opened a whole new world for her! She knows she can tell Nase to leave her alone now and the baby actually will. Nase is very respectful of her big sissy. A few day after this, I was getting ready for work and heard Nase running like a banshee through the house....and suddenly I heard Sierra yip like I had not heard in over a year. I tiptoed out of the bathroom and looked around the corner.....Sierra was actually in a play bow and instigating a wrestling session! I cried! It had been a year since she had done this! Sure, I played chase with her, but it's not the same as having another dog to wrestle with! Now, every morning and night, they chase each other through the house, wrestle and just have a blast! I truly believe Nase has brought the puppy back out in my sweet Sierra...and am so thankful for that! She is quickly returning to the happy-go-lucky GSD I knew before her sis had to leave for the Rainbow Bridge. I also believe the first Lab mix puppy that I went to look at was already adopted for a reason, Cheyanne pointed me to Nase.....she hand picked her for me and Sierra. Nase is so like Chey in many ways, it is uncanny! So, to my sweet angel....thank you Boo....I love you with all my heart! And...I love my sweet Sierra and Nase just as much! Me and my girls.....can't wait to see what happens next!